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Enhance ServiceNow with Barcode Scanning, RFID

View a recorded webinar on enhancing ServiceNow IT Asset Management processes with barcode scanning and RFID. Using Mobile Reach, we will demonstrate how to build and deploy mobile applications for barcode scanners, smartphones, and tablets that connect to ServiceNow. These configurable apps allow field techs to quickly create new assets in the system or update existing assets on the fly.

See the Mobile Reach Platform in action and learn more about:

  •    - Using iPhones or Android devices to scan barcodes and update IT asset records
  •    - Quickly and accurately capturing IT asset data in real-time or in offline mode
  •    - Drastically reducing time and resources required for full physical inventories
  •    - Enhancing ServiceNow’s powerful IT asset solution with mobile apps

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Mobile Reach provides easy-to-use mobile apps that automate and improve field services for medium and large businesses. Our technology lets field technicians be more productive and serve customers better and helps service managers drive revenue and increase profitability. Contact us for more information or to schedule a demo.